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To get a quick estimate of your labor rate and breakeven numbers for use with your own Flat Rate Price Books, fill in the info below. This is just an estimate! You MUST Crunch Your Own Numbers to get your own accurate costs!

For more complete entry options and calculations, use Numbers Cruncher. Numbers Cruncher gives you complete control over your salaries, benefits, taxes, employees, productive hours, budget items, overhead, profits, and more. Numbers Cruncher also includes added features like Sales Projections, Quick Job Estimator, and complete control of your entire budget including allocating for loss leaders.

Our Flat Rate experts are available at support@nspgweb.com to answer any of your questions.  

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Select the Owner/Operator annual salary. Owner/Operator Company Annual Costs                                          
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*Federal Taxes:$  
*Only FICA and Federal UC taxes are calculated.
For more complete tax and benefit calculations, please use Numbers Cruncher.

Select how much to save each year for Owner/Operator retirement. Retirement:

Profit is a critical part of maintaining and growing your business. Profit Target:                              Automatically Calculated  $ /Yr

Select how much you expect to pay each month in the budget categories below. Monthly Budget Amounts

Van/Truck Payment:


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      Budget Default Amounts - These values are filled in automatically for you.

Advertising is a calculated value.  You do not need to enter a number here. Advertising: /Year  

Advertising is fixed at 8% of calculated sales.

Productive and Paid hours are set to industry standard values. Productive Hours:

Annual Hours
Paid Hours: 2080
Productive Hours: 1040

Weekly Hours
Paid Hours: 40
Productive Hours: 20

Vacations/Holidays are set to default average values. Vacation/Holidays:

Annual Days
Vacation: 10
Holidays: 6


Material Sales are set to a default value and cannot be modified here. Material Sales:


This is a default value and cannot be changed.
For more complete entry options, please use Numbers Cruncher.

      Your Business Costs - Use these estimated values to set up your NSPG Flat Rate Price Books.

Overhead Cost
Labor Cost

Breakeven is the amount you need to charge to just cover your costs without any Profit.


Click this button to calculate your estimated values for your business costs for entry into National Standard Price Guide. 

The Breakeven number shown here is an estimate of the amount you need to charge per hour to cover you costs.  It does not include any profit.  Our Numbers Cruncher software or a call to one of our flat rate experts can help you determine your own Profitable Selling Price.

Please understand that these calculated values are just a rough estimate of your actual costs for use in National Standard Price Guide flat rate software. Review them carefully before using them for your business.


If you have any questions when using this calculator, please call an NSPG Flat Rate Expert at (201) 767-5520.

Want customized Flat Rate Price Books? You can get a draft review, make you own custom changes, add tasks, add columns, customize profit levels, and add you own custom graphics & sales text.  Its easy to make your Flat Rate books truly your own.

For custom, personalized Flat Rate Price Books books, give NSPG Sales a call at 201-767-5520, and well guide you through every step of the process.

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