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Breakeven is your total cost per hour for labor with burden plus overhead. If you do not know this value, give us a call and we’ll help you figure it out.  If you know your direct labor with burden, please enter here $(not required).

% Profit Target
The Profit Target is the amount you want to make on every job. Most companies choose between 5% and 30% for this.  (Choose your own %).

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If you do not pay sales tax enter zero.

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Your second pricing column can either be a lower price to encourage a sale now, or a higher price for “overtime” type jobs. To have a lower price second column, put in a negative percent like -10% to offer a 10% discount. For a higher priced second column, put in a percent like 10% to charge a 10% premium price. (Choose your own %).

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Plumbing Only - Includes Drain Cleaning & Water Treatment
Plumbing with Wet Heat
HVAC - Hot Air Heating & AC

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To assure that your price books are exactly as you expect, you MUST answer all of these questions.
If you have any questions when completing this form, please call NSPG Sales at (201) 767-5520.
The book printing process will usually begin within 2 business days of acceptance of your completed order.

We are unable to change your books, once the book production process begins.
We send a confirmation of this information for your approval before book production begins.

Want to customize your books? Receive a draft review, make you own custom changes, add tasks, add columns, customize profit levels, and add you own custom graphics & sales text?

It’s easy to make your books truly your own.

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