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Business Solutions for Maximizing Profits June 2006
For over a dozen years, NSPG has been providing the tools that allow contractors to increase profits and minimize business hassles. With our simple-to-use-tools, you can make being a business owner what you always wanted to it be - successful, profitable and rewarding.

The Right Balance
Now that the summer vacation season is in full swing, we'd like to take a look at how businesses manage the balance between personal and work time.  Just as all businesses need to Crunch their Numbers regularly, we need to examine how our work affects the other aspects of our lives.  After all, working is not just about the work.

This weekend one of our employees attended a high school graduation for his niece.  His brother (a safety sprinkler contractor) and a long time friend (a roofing & siding contractor) were there.  Over their years in business they have each achieved a balance between their home ands work lives, but in wildly different ways.

Since most of his brother's fire sprinkler business is commercial, he has been able to tailor his work schedule to fit his family life.  He makes time to coach his son's baseball team by using technology to shift some of his office work to to the evening at home.  The keys to his solution is to avoid competing on price alone so he can afford to bypass marginally profitable jobs.  The quality of your work can matter even in a competitive bidding situation.

Of course, reaching a balance has not been quick or easy, and is never perfect.  When his brother has a lot of work, the job can eat into his personal time.  Over the course of many years, he has reached a balance that works for him and his family.  He even takes vacations every year now.  He can easily afford to send his daughter to college next year.

The roofing & siding contractor has also reached a balance, but he has followed a completely different path.  After fifteen "successful" years, he closed his business and moved to a lower cost area.  He has built up a business as a free lance "employee for hire."  He does work for other companies and individuals who hire him when they need high quality work done.  His years of networking and quality work have paid off.

He told me that all of his friends envied him when he ran his own company.  They all wanted the freedom that comes with working for yourself.  Of course, anyone who has worked on his own business knows that that freedom does not exist for most business owners.  When the customer wants something done, it has to get done.  The customer sets your schedule. Where's the freedom in that?

Even when his business had grown enough that he could reach a balance between business and personal time, the needs of the customer always seemed to intrude into his personal life.  There was always the big job that he could not pass up, or the emergency that had to be dealt with.  Being a strong personality, delegation was hard. 

So, he took the best aspects of the business he had created over the years, and he eliminated the worst.  Now he gets to pick and choose the work he does without the worries of overhead and employees.  He can work on interesting, high end jobs that use the technical and business skills he has developed over the years.  Unsolicited calls from clients seeking high quality (and high paying) work are a large portion of his professional life now.

The key for these two men was to find the business model that worked for them.  It involves high quality work with appropriate pricing to match the quality.  That combination allowed them to reach their goal of a good, balanced life.

The bottom line for anyone in business is to find the balance that works for you.  It can be as simple as time shifting some of the work to make room for your real life.  Or, it can be as radical as giving up the standard business model, and doing it your own way.  Either way, you need to build your business on the balance of price and quality.  Know the cost of doing the quality of work you want to offer, and charge the right amount to be able to live the life you want.

If you need a hand setting your business numbers and getting paid for the quality work you produce, email Mike Conroy.  He can help you combine your current numbers with your goals so you can set measurable benchmarks and build your own right-sized profitable company.

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 On-Line Resources
Here's a Radiant Heating Comfort Calculator from the non-profit Healthy Heating web site.

The Department of Energy has a web site explaining the issues involved in sizing heating and cooling systems.  This site contains information that could easily be incorporated into your sales process to explain why a prospective customer should upgrade now.

Now that the Shuttle is back in space, here's how to watch NASA TV broadcasts on the Internet.

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The National Archives

In honor of America's Independence Day on July 4th, we decided to highlight the repository of most of the important documents from our history.  The National Archives are located in Washington, DC and are not easily accessible by many Americans. 

So, the archivists have put high resolution scans of many historic documents on line.  The Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights are all available.

You can also learn about how these documents came to be, and their place in history.

Access to The National Archives is free and includes video presentations and printable brochures to help plan a trip to see our history in person.

The National Archives is supported by a privately run foundation that accepts donations from the public.

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As most of you know, a major upgrade to Numbers Cruncher was released last year.  We'd like to remind all registered users that they can upgrade to this new version for a special upgrade price.  All Numbers Cruncher users are advised to upgrade now to take advantage of free version updates via the Internet plus continued free technical support. 

Free support for earlier versions of Numbers Cruncher will be phased out over the next few months.

You can get more information about Numbers Cruncher or order your upgrade at



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