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Business Solutions for Maximizing Profits December 2006
For over a dozen years, NSPG has been providing the tools that allow contractors to increase profits and minimize business hassles. With our simple-to-use-tools, you can make being a business owner what you always wanted to it be - successful, profitable and rewarding.

Christmas and the Trades
Here's a little e-book that we highlighted last December that may have a lesson for many members of the trades.

The Plumber and the Wishing Well
A plumber doesn't have enough money for his children's Christmas presents. His friend, Tupo, discovers a secret wishing well. The wishing well had broken down so it can't grant them their Christmas wishes. Tupo tells them they need a plumber to repair it.

When the plumber arrives to do the job, the little people offer to pay him lots of money that he could use for his children's presents. He is very good at fixing broken pipes and leaking taps but can he repair a wishing well? If he can, everyone, including his children, are going to get their Christmas presents and have their best Christmas ever.

To reinforce the premise of the book, we found the book listed on one site for a 50% discount.  

Year End Business Tax Tips

  1. Retirement Plan: Make your contributions to your retirement plan.  If you don't have one, set one up and fund it.  This will not only provide for your future, but could reduce your tax bill for the year.

  2. Buy It Now: If you need a new piece of equipment or new Price Books, get them now.  As a business expense, they can reduce your tax bill, and you get the added benefit of working more efficiently now.

  3. Donate Now: If your business is not a C corporation, any donations you make now will probably reduce this year's tax bill.

  4. Get a Refund: There is a one time chance to get the IRS to give back to you.  For this year only, you can apply for a refund of some telephone taxes you paid between 2003 and this year.  The IRS has a form (don't they always) that will allow you to determine the amount without digging out your old receipts.

  5. Crunch Your Numbers: You have another year's worth of financial information that you can summarize in Numbers Cruncher.  Do a quick update your numbers, and you'll be ready to confidently start the new year knowing that your prices are where you need them to be.  If you have the latest version of Numbers Cruncher, now is the time to take advantage of the new flexibility to make the numbers match your business.

Measure Monthly, Adjust Quarterly
 & Achieve Annual Profit Goals

 On-Line Resources

State Energy Offices

HVAC Excellence for training and certification.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute

Some efficiency recommendations

Plumbing Jobs - find employees or find a job.
HVAC Jobs - find employees or find a job.
Electrical Jobs - find employees or find a job.

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In This Issue

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Freebie of
the Month

The freebie of the month is a web site or product that we feel gives you some-thing worth looking at or using that costs you nothing.

As the end of the year and Christmas approaches we decided to take a break from the freebie theme.  Instead we'd like to give you a listing of web sites that may make your charitable giving easier.  These sites provide information and ratings for hundreds of charities.

Charity Navigator is a comprehensive site that not only gives you resources to evaluate and choose, but it also gives advice on how to make your giving work the hardest.


Schwab has a site with links to places you can volunteer your services.

Forbes Magazine has their annual look at the 200 largest US charities with evaluations and ratios to help you decide where to give.

Even the IRS has a site that allows you to check the tax status of charities.

Use these sites to help you make a more informed financial decision, but the decision on where and how much you give is up to you.

If you have a favorite Free site, let us know.

House Magnet

Van Magnet

Business Card Magnet

Magnetic Truck Sign

Coming Sooner

Free Numbers Cruncher v1.5 Support Ending 

The latest version of Numbers Cruncher (v2.5) was released one year ago.    Since most users have already upgraded to the new expanded version, they will continue to enjoy the free support that is included with the new Numbers Cruncher


The special one year extension of free support for users who have not upgraded to version 1.5 of Numbers cruncher will expire on December 29, 2006.  If you have not upgraded, you can continue to get the support you need while you crunch Your own numbers.  You have 2 choices for continued support. 

  1. You can upgrade to version 2.5 with its many new features and improvements for the special upgrade price of just $299.95.  This includes the exciting new Divisional breakout feature that will allow you to accurately price all of your services based on their actual costs.

  2. You can take advantage of our special Numbers Cruncher 1.5 support subscription service.  This service includes the same email and phone support you have come to rely on.  This service will cost $149.99 per year after December 29.  You can save $30 by ordering your support subscription for just $119.99 now .

With either option, you will save money by acting now.  Call today to qualify for these special pricing offers.  Get the improved power and ease of use of the latest Numbers Cruncher, or extend the product support that you have come to expect for your current version. 


The choice is yours, but time is short to take advantage of the special savings. 


You can get more information about Numbers Cruncher or order your upgrade at or call 800-841-8542.


The next Money Masters® will be at the Radisson Hotel, Columbia, SC on January 26 & 27, 2007.

During this Money Masters event, we will visit Gene Love Plumbing & Electrical. Your company can afford to give your employees three weeks paid vacation each year, company paid health insurance, a retirement fund and an income that is the tops in the area.

You’ll see how it’s done live and in action when you visit this premier Nexstar member company.

7:00 - 7:30 a.m. Breakfast & Registration
7:30 - 12:30 Money Masters Seminar
12:30 - 1:30 Lunch
1:30 - 5:30 Tour of Gene Love Plumbing & Electrical
6:00 - 10:00 Dinner & Entertainment
7:00 - 7:30 a.m. Breakfast
7:30 - 12:00 Money Masters Seminar
12:00 - 1:00 Lunch
1:00 - 3:00 Seminar, Nexstar® Showcase
Register for Money Masters Here


Numbers Cruncher and NSPG Flat Rate Price Books training


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Portable Desk

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Ever Wonder

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