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September 2011

Quick Sales Tips

Before we get to show how good we are technically, first we have to make the sale.  The best field tech in the world won't be much use, if he can't make the sale.  Fortunately, sales is a skill that can be learned and constantly improved through training and good business practices.

Here are a few key concepts that every tech should be reminded of on a regular basis.

1. Customer First
The goal is not to sell the customer your service.  The goal is to show the customer how your service can meet their needs.  To make the sale, and earn a loyal customer, you need listen the customer, learn what their concerns are, and then show them how your product will work for them.

The hard sell may close the deal, but the customer will not become a loyal customer.  This reduces word of mouth sales, and can lead to buyer's remorse problems.

2. Respect
Sometimes, the customer just doesn't seem to have a clue.  Don't let the customer's appearance or education level change your sales techniques.  If your product will fulfill their needs, it's your job to convince them of it. 

Just because they will never really understand what you do, doesn't mean you can't explain how they will benefit from buying from you.  Most of us don't understand how a flat screen TV works, but that didn't stop them from selling us one.

3. Benefits First
The customer has no idea what you services are worth until you show them the benefits.  Always start with benefits. Resist discussing price until they understand the benefits they will receive.

4. Close the Deal
Always ask for the sale.  Even if the customer appears skeptical, ask for the sale.  You can't make the sale unless you ask for it.

5. Always ask for referrals
You sold the customer on the benefits of your service.  Let them help you make the next sale.  Whether you follow up with a phone call asking for referrals, or have a formal referral program in place, be sure to leverage the good will your quality work generates into more sales.

In addition to getting another sale, this can cement your relationship with the customer.  A successful referral links your business to the customer's self esteem, and makes it more likely that they will rely on you in the future.

With continual sales training, just about anyone can become more effective at closing the deal, and building your base of loyal customers.  It just takes time and tenacity.

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Quick Tip - Salary Information and Quick Job Search

Whether you're looking to hire or looking to be hired, SimplyHired.com has a useful tool that shows the average salary for specific jobs in specific locations.

SimplyHired gets their information from their job search engine that contains information on millions of current job offerings listed on the Internet.  The numbers may or may not be 100% accurate for your location and profession, but it is an interesting site if you want to see the details about the job openings in your area.





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We Americans live in a nation where the medical-care system is second to none in the world, unless you count maybe 25 or 30 little scuzzball countries like Scotland that we could vaporize in seconds if we felt like it.                                                     Dave Barry

If the automobile had followed the same development cycle as the computer, a Rolls-Royce would today cost $100, get a million miles per gallon, and explode once a year, killing everyone inside.  
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The EconomyThe Economic Outlook

The International Monetary Fund last week cut its growth estimates for the USA by about one percentage point for 2011 and 2012, to 1.5 percent and 1.8 percent. Many economists fear the U.S. economy could fall back into recession if the euro zone debt crisis spreads further.

We are seeing service industry materials price increases over the next few months in the 6 to 12% range with copper prices scheduled to fall.

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